Tonyo.. The Next England Manager!

Alright then, Fabio Capello is going to quit England if they don’t get to the next round.  I think he’ll probably quit anyway because the fans will start blaming him for losing in the Quarter Finals if England get that far.  It’s true.  England’s best manager in the last 20 years was Terry Venables, and they got rid of him when it wasn’t his fault and England were really good.  Since then, getting shite people to manage England has proved fatal.  Why the hell do we have to endure a foreign manager controlling England?  It makes no bloody sense.  When Sven Goren Mobile-Phone became England manager, that was the day I said “Screw England, I’ll be cheering Scotland on from now on!”  Of course, Scotland haven’t qualified for any cups since then either so I’ve been a bit stuck.  I will always cheer on Japan though, they’re going to win the cup in the next 100 years.  😉  Also, if you think I’m betraying England by wanting Scotland to do well, I am actually part Scottish so I’m not, I’m just choosing my other country!  I may have been born in England and live here, but I’m lucky to have another choice… they just need to do better.  😀

So Capello is going to quit as manager.  That means there’s a job opportunity for us all.  They will be looking around all the current football managers again.  Now if I had to choose our next England manager, I’d easily pick any of these football pundits who seem to know everything.  They’re on TV all the time during the England games saying what the team should do, so if they know so much, let them have the keys to the England team!  JOB DONE!  We should easily have the European Cup in 2012.  🙂  As long as the next manager is English, that’ll be good.  If he is English, I will buy a England shirt again at the next cup with pride.

I am going to apply to be the next England manager.  I will give my CV to them as well which is impressive.  A few years ago, I won all the cups when I had my bout of addiction on Championship Manager 2, and I love FIFA games.  Haha.  Now we all know this will never happen, I could be rich and famous and I’d still not get the job.  They’d rather choose another foreigner who ends up screwing the team up when the games matter instead of someone who can see the gameplay and knows where to have the best players on the pitch for their abilities.

If I was manager of England, I’d be promoting English football.  The fans are as bad as the football association.  I hate hearing fans of some Premiership team saying how much they spent for an Italian player.  To me, that’s just one less English potential that’s missing out on valuable experience in Europe.  I couldn’t give a shit if Man Utd spent £100 million on so many foreign players.  ALL English clubs should be bringing up young talent from our shores, and only be aloud to have 2 or 3 foreign players in the mix.  Chelsea are a bitch for having anything but English players, and it should be stopped for the sake of England.  Oh, and are any clubs in the UK owned by any English people anymore?  If this country seriously wants to win a World Cup, or any medals whatsoever, then promote English teams!

Don’t even mention to me about the Premiership being a brilliant league with a mixture of players.  It’s that fact that’s ruined the England team and our game!

Last bit before I leave this topic alone.  Football is ruined more by greed.  It’s not a sport anymore, it’s a business.  That’s why I stopped giving a toss about the game over 10 years ago and only watch the Euro and World Cups.  There’s more passion about playing for your country than playing for some team getting stupid amounts of money.  Some people may say that they’ve made it and deserve all the cash they get, but I disagree.  Greed has ruined the game more than anything!


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